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Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) Air mass meter Air Flow Sensor

A mass airflow sensor calculates the oxygen flowing to your engine for the ideal air-to-fuel ratio. The mass airflow sensor helps to increase engine efficiency by doing so.

Are you having trouble with your car's engine? The MAF sensor may be the culprit. But what is a MAF sensor, and how does it work?

The MAF sensor, or Mass Air Flow sensor, is responsible for measuring the amount of air entering the engine. It is located in the intake pipe between the air filter housing and the intake manifold.

Most MAF sensors work on the hot wire principle, where one wire is heated by an electrical current, and the other is not. As air flows across the heated wire, it cools down, causing a change in temperature difference between the two sensing wires. The MAF sensor then automatically adjusts the current to the heated wire to compensate and sends a signal to the ECU in the form of a voltage or frequency, which is interpreted as airflow. The engine adjusts the amount of fuel injected into the engine accordingly.

However, contamination from dust, dirt, and other debris can cause MAF sensors to fail.

Symptoms of a failing MAF sensor include the check engine light coming on, the engine running too rich or too lean, rough idling, stalls, and excessive vibrations when stationary.

To troubleshoot a MAF sensor, you can conduct an electronic test using a diagnostic tool, check the connector for a correct fit and good contact, and inspect the sensor and measuring elements for damage.

If you need to replace a faulty MAF sensor, follow these simple steps: connect a diagnostic tool to your vehicle, record the fault codes and check the live data parameters for the MAF sensor, check the feeds, ground, and wiring, replace the sensor probe or the entire unit if needed, and reconnect the diagnostic kit to delete any fault codes.

Don't let a faulty MAF sensor slow you down. Take the necessary steps to diagnose and replace it, and get your engine running smoothly again.

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