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Ideal Air Control Valve (IAC)

Looking for an essential component to keep your vehicle's engine running smoothly? Look no further than the idle air control valve, or IAC.

This vital electrical actuating device is designed to accurately control engine idle speed, making it an integral part of your engine management system. Located within a bypass housing or near the throttle body assembly, the IAC allows for a measured amount of air to bypass the throttle plate, enabling your engine control unit (ECU) to maintain the ideal idle speed for your vehicle. The IAC adjusts to the specific requirements of the vehicle such as during start-up, cold start, engine warm-up, additional electrical loads, deceleration, air conditioning, and automatic transmission use.

When the idle control valve fails it can cause all sorts of issues with the vehicle, and in some cases may even render it undrivable. Usually, a bad or failing idle control valve will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue.

Common Failure Symptoms

  • Stalling when the engine is idling
  • Rough or unsteady idling
  • Extreme RPM drops during a slowdown
  • The engine may shut off if AC is turned on
  • Check Engine Light is on


Common Causes of Failures

  • General solenoid failure from everyday use
  • Wear and tear from corrosion
  • Clogged valve


Our idle air control valve range is engineered to be compatible with a wide variety of vehicle engine management systems, ensuring that you get the right fit for your specific make and model.

And if you're in a carburetted vehicle, a similar device known as an idle speed control actuator is used.  Our IAC's are sourced from many of the world’s leading OEM suppliers and are backed by 12 months warranty, offering the aftermarket a true genuine alternative.

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